Pocket PC Summit Pictures
Friday October 12th 2001
Fairmont Hotel
Santa Monica, CA

The Fairmont Hotel, Santa Monica, CA

iPAQ 3800 Series with cover sleeve, thumb keyboard, Stowaway
keyboard and belt clip

iPAQ 3800 Series with thumb keyboard

Close up of the thumb keyboard

The @migo booth

Chris Edwards (PocketMatrix) and Steve Bush (Brighthand)

The Compaq booth

Casio's e-Pen...very cool technology

The PC E-Phone and another similar device.
Gotta love those 640x480 screens!

The Microsoft booth

The HP booth

The main hall

I had to get the Scott e-Vest! That's me...

My buddy Darryl (WolfPAQ) trying on the Scott e-Vest

The Sim City 2000 sign at Zio Soft's booth

The HP Jornada running Sim City 2000!

An iPAQ 3600 Series with a Symbol CF Wireless 802.11b card!